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Pemberton and Bentall’s Hybrid Musk Roses

Plant Heritage National Collection


The Reverend Joseph Pemberton was a pre-eminent rosarian in the first quarter of the 20th century, through hybridising he introduced a new group of roses, which were to be named Hybrid Musk roses. He was ably assisted by his gardener, JA Bentall; between them they introduced about 20 such roses. In 1994 – nine had almost disappeared and only six were in regular cultivation.

After Pemberton’s death in 1926, Bentall continued to produce roses and introduced a further six roses, only a couple of which were still readily available.

Our Plant Heritage National Collection is based on these two growers and is a memorial to their remarkable roses.


These roses develop into handsome shrubs with multi-headed sprays of flower on arching branches. If dead-headed after flowering, they will continue to produce flushes of flower until the first frosts.

They vary in size and some indication is given in the information below.


Disease Resistant. These roses are healthy and vigorous and will live a long time.

Pruning. They will not require constant attention, prune to promote new growth. If the roses are “dead-headed”, they need no pruning other than to keep in the shape and size you want.

Position. Many readily tolerate some shade.

Soil. They will survive in poor soil



Rose Autumn Delight

Autumn Delight

1933 by Bentall.

5ft x 4ft.

Few Thorns, creamy buff yellow fading to white, stunning gold stamens.

 Rose Ballerina  


1937 by Bentall.

4ft x 3ft.

Large clusters of small pink flowers with white eyes. Tremendous mid-summer display.

Rose Buff Beauty

 Buff Beauty

1939, probably by Pemberton, but introduced by Bentall.

6ft x 5ft, will grow higher is trained on a wall.

Delicate Scent.

Creamy-rich Apricot.

 Rose Callisto


1920 by Pemberton.

3 x 4ft.


Sprays of small round deep-yellow and apricot, which fade to a creamy-white.

 Rose Cornelia


1925 by Pemberton.

5ft x 5ft.

Light Scent.

Strawberry-pink flowers on arching stems.


1915 by Pemberton.

3ft x 4ft.

Coppery red buds open to salmon pink flowers which to buff. Lasts well into the autumn.

 Rose Danae


1913 by Pemberton.

3 x 4ft.


Clusters of semi double yellow blooms fading to white.

 Rose Daybreak  


1918 by Pemberton.

3ft x 4ft.

Rich yellow buds opening to pale yellow or cream with dark gold stamens.


Rose Felicia


1928 by Pemberton.

6 x 5ft.

Lovely Scent.

Dead head first clusters to encourage into autumn.


1922 by Pemberton.

6 x 5ft.

Rich Scent.

Apricot-yellow buds open into nodding pale apricot flowers.

 Rose Kathleen


1922 by Pemberton.

35ft x 4ft.

Musk Scented.

Small apricot coloured buds turning into single blush-pink flowers

 Rose Moonlight


1913 by Pemberton.

5 x 4ft, used as pillar rose could grow to 10ft.

Good Scent.

Large Sprays of creamy-white flowers. Produces good display into autumn.

 Rose Nur Mahal

Nur Mahal

1923 by Pemberton.

4ft x 5ft.

Light musk scent.

Dark-carmine red in bud developing into light mauve with showy golden stamens.

 Rose Pax


1918 by Pemberton.

6 x 5ft.

Rich Scent.

Large semi-double creamy to pure-white flowers.

 Rose Penelope


1924 by Pemberton.

6 x 5ft.

Lovely Scent.

Apricot buds open blush-pink and fade to cream.

Rose Pink Prosperity  

Pink Prosperity

1931 by Bentall.

6ft x 4ft.

Highly Scented.

Clusters of double rosettes of of clear pink.

 Rose Prosperity


1919 by Pemberton.

5 x 4ft.

Good Sweet Scent.

Trusses of ivory white semi-double flowers, lemony flush in the centre.

 Rose Robin Hood

Robin Hood

1927 by Pemberton.

4 x 3ft.


Large clusters of bright scarlet flowers.

 Rose Thisbe


1918 by Pemberton.

4 x 4ft.


Clustered straw yellow flowers with amber stamens.

 Rose Vanity


1920 by Pemberton.

3ft x 5ft

Lightly Scented.

A pointed crimson bud, becomes a rose pink flower with yellow anthers.