Dutton Hall
Lancashire's Premier Classic Rose Garden

Our History


Dutton Hall commands outstanding views of Lancashire’s glorious Ribble Valley countryside. It is a Grade II* listed building with notable architectural features.


The Towneley family built the current hall and records show they rented land here in the 14th century, when the rent was recorded as “one red rose”.


In the 1760s they sold to the Rothwell family. The estate included a water powered mill in neighbouring woodland, where combs were manufactured from bone. When the mill closed in the early 20th century its stone was reputedly used to build Ribchester Roman Museum.


In 1951 the property was purchased by sitting tenants the Platt family who sold to the Yates family in 1959. In 1987 Catherine bought the Hall and some of its land, seeking more land for her rose crop.


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Many of the Hall’s original features remained untouched, possibly because the property was tenanted for nearly 200 years and used as a working farm. Evidence indicates an older building existed on site which was extended, with its roof raised, to create the current Hall.


The property has been sympathetically modernised. A redundant barn has been incorporated into the Hall and an orangery created from an adjoining disused 1920s’ cattle shippon.