Dutton Hall
Lancashire's Premier Classic Rose Garden

Garden Details


The gardens here at Dutton Hall boast many different attractions for you to explore!

Walking down from the parking area you will find yourself in the informal North Garden. This contains a wide variety of plants, trees & shrubs, including rare oak and willow collections, along with the prized collection over 200 varieties of roses, detailed further in the Rose List. It also houses our Plant Heritage National Collection and a beautifully rustic wildflower meadow.

As you explore the North Garden, you will find a number of viewing platforms, fondly known as our ‘snail mounds’! Climb these to admire the stunning scenery that surrounds Dutton Hall.

Just behind the Hall is a splendid water feature with paths inspired by the work of Charles Jencks, as well as an interactive analemmatic sundial which fascinates all our visitors- no matter their age!

Making your way around the side, you’ll find the orangery, converted out of an old cattle shed, which houses a beautiful range of plants and flowers. At the front of the house are spectacular formal gardens, featuring a traditional knot garden.