Dutton Hall
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Fascicularia bicolor – 21 October 2018

This spiky little bromeliad is brightening up a dark corner of the greenhouse now.


Spiky red Cactus
Autumn Fruits 02 September 2018

Autumn is here early this year. There is already a profusion of hips, haws, Crab apples and seeds. A testament to the long hot days of June and July, as well as insect pollination.


Hips Haws
Crab Apple Red Sentinel Rose Bay Willow Herb Seed Heads
Mushrooms 28 August 2018

After the long dry spell, a period of damp days has caused an explosion of fungi in the shadier parts of the garden.

Sadly no field mushrooms yet!


Low Level Mushrooms Mini Mushrooms
Drought? 6 August 2018

Water lilies are cool, well our’s are enjoying a wonderful show with their feet in the cool water of the pond. No doubt you are doing the same on the beach.


Photograph of WaterliliesWaterlilies (15)